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Advanced Debugger

Advanced Debugger

Reproduce any bug.

Works In Any Environment

Works In Any Environment

No sourcecode required.



Currently, we support .NET applications and JavaScript* websites.
Support for more runtimes comming soon.

Realtime Profiler

Realtime Profiler

Tracing profiler without waiting, recording or logging.

* Experimental feature, as such, it is an Experimental Edition feature only for now.

Core Features

CodeGlass has all kinds of features, head over to our GitHub Documentation Pages to see more.

Realtime Profiling

Giving you direct access to the data without recording it first.

.NET Runtime

.Net Core, Framework, .NET 5+, ASP.NET and more!


Compare other snapshots to fix issues you never could.

Code Body Reconstruction

Reconstructing function code bodies to give you more in-depth data.


Function calls, duractions, threads, CPU, memory and more.


intuitive and straightforward to filter on the things you want to profile.

Execution Control

Control your application with start, pause, stop, restart, stepping, and standby.

Why Three Monitors

This section was designed for a phone, but that does not really work for us.


Collect any exception from your application.

monitor 1 monitor 3 monitor 2

Realtime Rendering

Direct insight into how your application works by rendering every step it takes.


JavaScript websites with NodeJS support coming soon!

Remote Profiling

You can use CodeGlass Remotely by connecting to other instances.


Step forwards or backwards to analyze your appliation at any point.

Easy to Use

Or press F1 on any component in CodeGlass to get help.

Code Heatmap

Shows you bad behaving code in one view based on the statistics.

Open Console

Attach a console to any appliation, even if it did not have one.

Whats with these Icons

We could not find appropriate ones, and these do look nice.

Visual Studio Integration*

Automatically start profiling when you start debugging.

* Experimental feature, as such, it is an Experimental Edition feature only for now.

The Solution

This is why CodeGlass is the next generation development tool, and much more than just a profiler and, above all, the only one of its kind. You can find more reasons on our collaborative GitHub pages, we kept it at 9 as it looked nice.
Currently, we support .NET applications and JavaScript* websites, but we are constantly working on supporting more runtimes as the solution is language-agnostic, with Java and NodeJS coming soon.

* Experimental feature, as such, it is an Experimental Edition feature only for now.

Realtime Code Profiler

CodeGlass is the only real-time Code profiler in existence that collects every call and giving you direct access to the data without recording it first. Its not sampling. With additional control like stepping, throttling, rendering, advanced filtering, code body reconstruction and more.

Maintenance Tool

CodeGlass gives you direct insight into how your application works by realtime rendering every step the application takes. Gone are the times you had to stuggle to understands someone elses project, code you have not worked on for years or Lady and the Tramp its dinner.

Diagnostic Tool

Have the means to diagnose and fix any problem. For Example, create a snapshot and compare why it did not work this time or why it worked on your pc but not on theirs. Pause the execution and step back and see what led to the exception and if other threads are involved, and identify racing conditions.

Execution Control

CodeGlass gives you basic control like start, pause, stop and restart. But it also has advanced methods like Stepping forwards and backwards, throttling and a profiler standby mode that gives you near the full performance of your application and allow you to start profiling again when you need it.

It is fast

CodeGlass can collect and process over 8.000.000 unfiltered function calls per second. It depends on usage and your hardware, of course, but you do not have to notice any slowdown in your application by setting the correct filters. In most cases, CodeGlass can give you quicker the results you need than others.


Connect to other CodeGlass instances and use CodeGlass remotely. Like running it on a production server and just connecting your development machine to it. Or helping a college and not having to sit on his lap.

Advanced filtering

CodeGlass makes it intuitive and straightforward to filter on the things you want to profile so you can focus on the data that matters. You can even make regex rules or only not filter public functions.

Code Body Statistics

CodeGlass goes beyond other profilers, analyses the collected data, and tries to reconstruct a functions code body to give you more in-depth data, like showing where threads are in a function or how many times a loop is executed. But also where time is spent, eliminating the need to add stopwatches to your code.

No Source code

CodeGlass does everything without needing the source code of the application. Just give him a supported application, and it will do its thing. You can even profile PowerShell with it if you want to.


To get a taste of what CodeGlass is and can do, for more, see our collaborative GitHub documentation pages.
No, the application is not 4:3; the screenshots are just like that

Application Instance
Tree Rendering
Code Body Reconstruction
New Application
Add Filter
CallStack Rendering
Application Filters
CallStack Rendering
Code Body Statistics
Code Heatmap
Application Settings


You can download CodeGlass directly from our Github page