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An MRI-scanner for Software Development.
An Intuitive, lightweight but powerful tool for and by developers.

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A better developer experience for everyone.

Advanced Debugger

Advanced Debugger

Reproduce any bug.

Works In Any Environment

Works In Any Environment

No sourcecode required.



Currently, we support .NET applications and JavaScript* websites.
Support for more runtimes comming soon.

Realtime Profiler

Realtime Profiler

Tracing profiler without waiting, recording or logging.

* Experimental feature, as such, it is an Experimental Edition feature only for now.

Core Features

CodeGlass has all kinds of features, head over to our GitHub Documentation Pages to see more.

Realtime Profiling

Giving you direct access to the data without recording it first.

.NET Runtime

.Net Core, Framework, .NET 5+, ASP.NET and more!


Compare other snapshots to fix issues you never could.

Code Body Reconstruction

Reconstructing function code bodies to give you more in-depth data.


Function calls, duractions, threads, CPU, memory and more.


intuitive and straightforward to filter on the things you want to profile.

Execution Control

Control your application with start, pause, stop, restart, stepping, and standby.

Why Three Monitors

This section was designed for a phone, but that does not really work for us.


Collect any exception from your application.

monitor 1 monitor 3 monitor 2

Realtime Rendering

Direct insight into how your application works by rendering every step it takes.


JavaScript websites with NodeJS support coming soon!

Remote Profiling

You can use CodeGlass Remotely by connecting to other instances.


Step forwards or backwards to analyze your appliation at any point.

Easy to Use

Or press F1 on any component in CodeGlass to get help.

Code Heatmap

Shows you bad behaving code in one view based on the statistics.

Open Console

Attach a console to any appliation, even if it did not have one.

Whats with these Icons

We could not find appropriate ones, and these do look nice.

Visual Studio Integration*

Automatically start profiling when you start debugging.

* Experimental feature, as such, it is an Experimental Edition feature only for now.

I am not a developer, what is CodeGlass?

Picture an MRI scanner, an invaluable tool for doctors and patients. Now, visualize having a similar breakthrough technology in the realm of software development. That's CodeGlass.

Just as an MRI allows doctors to peer inside a patient non-invasively, CodeGlass enables you to delve into the inner workings of a running application. It does this in real time, without needing access to or altering the source code. This innovation is a game changer. People may appear similar internally, but every application is distinct, even average mobile apps comprise over a thousand pages of code. This complexity can mean weeks of orientation for new developers. CodeGlass dramatically simplifies this process.

Additionally, just as doctors use MRI scans to diagnose issues within the human body, CodeGlass offers similar diagnostic capabilities for software. It doesn't just show you where and what the problem is; it also explains why and how it occurred, making any bug replicable and easier to understand.

Consider a software bug akin to a 911 call reporting a traffic accident. The bug's call stack is the initial report, leaving developers to unravel the cause to prevent future occurrences. This detective work can take days. With CodeGlass, however, this process is condensed into mere minutes, streamlining problem-solving and enhancing productivity in software development.