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Spend your time writing code, not maintaining and debugging it.
Using CodeGlass, you'll get real-time insights locally, in production and cloud.
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CodeGlass in Action

Spend your time writing code, not maintaining and debugging it. 
Using CodeGlass, you'll have real-time insights unlike anything out there. Without needing to have access or make changes to source code.


Real-time performance statistics, without writing stopwatches. Just start CodeGlass.


Open a snapshot and step through your application to trace bugs.


Real-time tracing profiler. Understand complex code bases easily.

Core Features



Create a snapshot and compare why it worked on your machine but not on another. See what led to the exception and if other threads are involved, and identify racing conditions.


CodeGlass makes it intuitive and straightforward to filter on the things you want to profile so you can focus on the data that matters. You can even make regex rules or only show the public functions.

Visual Studio extension

Add your Visual Studio Solution to CodeGlass to use it automatically when you start the debugger. 

*Experimental Only feature

On-Prem, Cloud or in Production

Connect to other CodeGlass instances and use CodeGlass remotely. Like running it on a production server and just connecting your development machine to it. Or helping a college and not having to sit on his lap.

CodeGlass can collect and process over 8.000.000 unfiltered function calls per second. It depends on usage and your hardware, of course, but you do not have to notice any slowdown in your application by setting the correct filters. In most cases, CodeGlass can give you the results you need quicker than others. 

Powerful Execution Control

CodeGlass gives you basic control like start, pause, stop and restart. But it also has advanced methods like stepping forwards and backwards, throttling and a profiler standby mode that gives you near the full performance of your application and allow you to start profiling again when you need it.

Realtime Rendering & Profiling

CodeGlass is a real-time code profiler that collects every call and giving you direct access to the data without analyzing it first. Its not sampling. With additional control like stepping, throttling, rendering, advanced filtering, code body reconstruction and more.

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Enabling the Ultimate
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Enabling the Ultimate Developer Experience

Unlike many other profilers, CodeGlass is a real-time tracing code profiler that gives you line-by-line code statistics without changes or access to the source code. It also gives you this data in real-time without having to  analyzing it first. With additional control like stepping, throttling, rendering, advanced filtering, code body reconstruction and more.

Unlike other SaaS based solutions, we don't collect any of your application data as CodeGlass runs fully Locally on the machine you want to use it on.

The only call to the outside CodeGlass makes is when you Login into CodeGlass to validate your license. 

CodeGlass shows you in real time how functionality works and where the code of it is, so any documentation regarding this becomes obsolete and you dont have to write it anymore.

There are multiple versions of CodeGlass available, each with their own price. Click here to check out the pricing.

CodeGlass can run anywhere where the runtime of your application can run. As long as you can access the Process, whether that be in development or in the cloud, you can run CodeGlass on it.

With properly setup filters your application will have no noticeable performance impact.

Without applying filters some large applications can notice a slowdown. But that is why we added the ability to add filters. The more you filter, the less CodeGlass has to profile, the less performance impact CodeGlass will have.

Good to note is that CodeGlass does also remove its overhead from the profiler statistics.

Next Gen Developer Tools

An Intuitive, Lightweight yet Powerful Tool For and By Developers.

Welcome to CodeGlass, a groundbreaking software development tool from an innovative startup based in the Netherlands. Our mission is to provide the best tools for software developers, and CodeGlass is a shining example of that commitment.

An Intuitive, lightweight but powerful tool for and by developers.