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To login into CodeGlass, you need an account, you get a Trial one by registering in the CodeGlassan application or you get one by getting or buying a subscription.

The experimental edition is meant for people who want to support us fully and understand that these features might only be somewhat stable; most features will come to the pro edition within a few updates.
We might even increase the price or stop offering it entirely if we sell too many of them.


From € 59 Per Month
billed annually

For private individuals

You may not be reimbursed by a legal entity or another third party.

Single User

Concurrent software usage for the number of purchased subscriptions.

Pro Edition

€ 59 Per Month
billed annually

It contains all features that are not experimental, such as:

.Net Support
Performance tooling
Diagnostic tooling
Maintainance tooling

Experimental Edition

€ 167 Per Month
billed annually

It contains all features, even those that are not released yet (or never will) to the other subscriptions, such as:

Pro features, plus:
JavaScript Websites
Visual Studio .NET Solution
Folder Profiling.


Price on Request

For Legal entities

A corporation, company, partnership, association, or other entity or organization

Multi Users**

Manage and allow concurrent software users for the number of purchased subscriptions.

Organization features:

User Management
Training sessions
Extended support

Pro or Experimental Edition

Dependent of your need.

* We can make it work in offline environments on request, please contact us if this is required for you.
** Floating licenses are also possible on request, additional terms may apply.


You can download CodeGlass directly from our Github page