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Welcome to CodeGlass

Welcome to CodeGlass, a groundbreaking software development tool from an innovative startup based in the Netherlands. Our mission is to provide the best tools for software developers, and CodeGlass is a shining example of that commitment.

CodeGlass is designed to enhance problem-solving, even in the most challenging scenarios where issues are difficult to reproduce or when there's a lack of documentation or developers. It's an invaluable asset for maintaining, diagnosing, and optimizing applications. It is versatile and capable of functioning seamlessly in any environment, including production. CodeGlass does this all without the need to alter or have access to the source code!

We invite you to explore our collaborative GitHub pages with the button below. We only made this website not to feel left out for not having a single one-page website extravaganza.

I am not a developer, what is CodeGlass?

Picture an MRI scanner, an invaluable tool for doctors and patients. Now, visualize having a similar breakthrough technology in the realm of software development. That's CodeGlass.

Just as an MRI allows doctors to peer inside a patient non-invasively, CodeGlass enables you to delve into the inner workings of a running application. It does this in real time, without needing access to or altering the source code. This innovation is a game changer. People may appear similar internally, but every application is distinct, even average mobile apps comprise over a thousand pages of code. This complexity can mean weeks of orientation for new developers. CodeGlass dramatically simplifies this process.

Additionally, just as doctors use MRI scans to diagnose issues within the human body, CodeGlass offers similar diagnostic capabilities for software. It doesn't just show you where and what the problem is; it also explains why and how it occurred, making any bug replicable and easier to understand.

Consider a software bug akin to a 911 call reporting a traffic accident. The bug's call stack is the initial report, leaving developers to unravel the cause to prevent future occurrences. This detective work can take days. With CodeGlass, however, this process is condensed into mere minutes, streamlining problem-solving and enhancing productivity in software development.

Our Team

We are the team behind CodeGlass, and making the next generation development tools for you.

Our team only exists out of developers. Our vision is to create the best solution with you while operating fully transparent, without marketing trickery, make it available to and for everyone, or die trying.
Maybe you already noticed that there was no annoying cookie popup?

Tyrone Krieger

CEO & Developer

Lynn Weggemans

CMO & Developer*

Terence Bremmer

CTO & Developer

Joran de Boer


Joost Godschalk


William Kater


* Manages our websites, which is in Jekyll, so technically a developer.