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Meet COO Lynn

Meet Lynn, one of the driving forces and visionaries behind CodeGlass as our Chief Marketing Officer (COO)! Lynn’s Journey: Hello, I’m Lynn Weggemans, and I bring the world of business and a passion for…

Meet Developer Joost

Meet Joost, a rising star in our CodeGlass team and a true tech enthusiast! Joost’s Journey: Hello, I’m Joost Godschalk, and my journey into the world of technology began with a YouTube video recommendation.…

Meet CTO Terence

“Embrace the new week with innovation in your heart and endless possibilities in your sights. Terence Bremmer, our CTO at CodeGlass, is here to lead the way into a future of boundless software development…

CES Unveiled

🚀 Big News: We’re Heading to CES UNVEILED! 🚀 Hey everyone, our dream of being a part of something as incredible as CES is coming true, and the first stop is CES UNVEILED tomorrow…

Meet CEO Tyrone

Meet Tyrone, our co-founder, original inventor, and a developer at heart. Tyrone’s story: I’m Tyrone Krieger, the original brain behind CodeGlass, and I proudly introduce myself as the CEO of this groundbreaking venture. Since…

Next Gen Developer Tools

An Intuitive, lightweight but powerful tool for and by developers.

Welcome to CodeGlass, a groundbreaking software development tool from an innovative startup based in the Netherlands. Our mission is to provide the best tools for software developers, and CodeGlass is a shining example of that commitment.

An Intuitive, lightweight but powerful tool for and by developers.