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Meet COO Lynn


Founder & CEO

Meet Lynn, one of the driving forces and visionaries behind CodeGlass as our Chief Marketing Officer (COO)!

Lynn’s Journey:

Hello, I’m Lynn Weggemans, and I bring the world of business and a passion for excellence to CodeGlass.

I began my career in the hospitality industry, where I learned the true meaning of “service with a smile.” It was there that I realized the immense power of teamwork. I firmly believe that collaboration is the key to success, even in the complex world of software.

When I was first approached to join a startup, I hesitated. I questioned if the tech industry was the right fit for me. But after careful consideration, I made up my mind—I was in. I’ve always relished a challenge, and at this point in my career, I knew it was the perfect moment to embark on this exciting journey.

I am a passionate woman who doesn’t see just one way to achieve a goal, but a multitude of paths to explore. I firmly believe that for every problem, there exists a solution, and it’s our collective responsibility to find it together. Success is not a solo endeavor; it’s a collaborative effort.

At CodeGlass, I’m thrilled to combine my passion, experience, and vision to help shape the future of software development. Together, we will overcome challenges, explore opportunities, and innovate. I’m excited to be part of a team that values collaboration and understands that our collective strength is the driving force behind our success.

Join me on this exciting journey of innovation and teamwork. Let’s create a future we can all be proud of!

Best regards, Lynn Weggemans, CodeGlass Visionary 🚀

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